The Moon And Home Are Pulling

As I watched the lunar eclipse Sunday night, it made me realize just how small I am standing on earth between the sun and the moon. Somehow the shadow the earth casts makes us seem of great significance in the solar system. Yet our earth is very small and is subject to the pull of the moon and the sun that creates the tidal fluctuations which in turn affect our daily lives here on the coast.

The high tides that accompanied the full moon last weekend seemed perfect for the beginning of the sea turtles’ nesting season. It was also a great time to get out on the beach for an after-dinner stroll. The evening was magical as we walked barefoot along the edge of the shore. The light of the full moon guided our way and we loved seeing its reflection dancing across the waves. Although we did not spot any turtles, it was a delightful evening just the same.

The light of the moon also helps guide the way for sea turtles (mostly loggerheads) as they navigate their way across our beaches to dig their nests and lay 100 or more eggs in the sand…..and then crawl back into the ocean leaving their eggs vulnerable to ghost crab, raccoons, birds, and flooding tides. Two months later the hatchlings emerge from their shells and leave their nest to make their way to the ocean using the light of the horizon and the moon to guide them. Many years later, the females that survive, will return to the beach to lay their own eggs. Studies have shown that they often return to the same location where they were born and I can certainly understand why…. I too have returned home to the Golden Isles after being away for many years and I feel so blessed to live here.



Catherine McCrary

 Flower Moon rise on May 16.
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May is also a season of graduations. Above is my daughter, Caroline, as she awaits graduation from Wofford College this Sunday. Many of our children are stepping into the next phase of life searching for their purpose. As a mother, I pray that Caroline navigates her way through this sometimes scary world and finds her purpose ….. and one day makes it back home to the Golden Isles of Georgia where she was born .

On a recent visit to a local hot spot, the Silver Bluff Brewery in Brunswick, I learned the origins of the name and I want to share this from their website: “Our name refers to a time when the Golden Isles came together, quite literally. During the Pleistocene Epoch (the last Ice Age), St. Simons, Jekyll, and Brunswick were a single landmass. Geologists have long referred to this formation as the Silver Bluff.” Interesting…..and the beer was great too! You should definitely stop in for a visit.


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