Roasting marshmallows under the Harvest moon!

We jumped in the pick up truck and headed toward the Preserve at Horse Creek, an almost 2,000 acre tract of land near Hinesville, GA. As the truck meandered down the dirt road between the stands of pine and gorgeous hardwoods, I watched out the window for signs of wildlife. We spotted a couple of turkey gobblers ahead and watched as they scurried into the brush and vanished, camouflaged by nature. We crossed a stream which is a tributary of Horse Creek that eventually merges with the Ogechee River. Three deer crossed the road ahead of us and entered a patch of hardwoods. At a planted food plot, there were dozens of dove lined up on a wire feasting on the corn below. What a wonderful habitat for wildlife. Being out on this property brought back great memories of growing up on the coast. I remember my dad getting me up before sunrise and going deep in the woods to sit quietly, waiting for nature to wake up around us. The birds and squirrels would come out, and if we were lucky we would see a deer. I remember going turkey hunting at Cabin Bluff in Camden County. A gobbler walked right toward the tree I was hiding behind and gave me a perfect shot. I’ve also hunted deer, quail, dove, marsh hen, hogs and squirrels, and have been fortunate to have hunted in some nice preserves along our coast: Altama, Cabin Bluff, Santee, and Brosnan Forest in SC. It may not appeal to some, but the hunter/gather in me really likes the concept of finding my own food in the wild. My friends still give me a hard time about the Brunswick Stew I made with squirrel in it. I waited until they were finished before I revealed my special ingredient. Hopefully the traditions of hunting, fishing and spending time in nature will continue for generations to come. As more and more land is developed along the coast it is difficult to find land suitable for hunting, particularly tracts large enough for wildlife to congregate and propriate. And so, I am thrilled to list the Preserve at Horse Creek. This property is bordered by a wildlife area of Ft. Stewart adding even more acres for wildlife to thrive. It is truly rare to find this many intact acres on the market today. This is a unique opportunity for someone to acquire their own hunting preserve and tree farm. See below for more details.

Catherine McCrary

Fall High Tides
+ This time of year we have really high tides due to the Fall equinox. It makes our marshes look almost like a big lake and animals that live in the marshes are displaced. Over the weekend, I spotted two minks swimming for high ground while a bald eagle soared above looking for a meal.
+ The full Hunters moon will rise on October 28 at 6:36 pm . It rises around twilight several days in a row giving participants in outdoor activities a little bit of extra light.
One of my favorite quotes
“If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.”
Chief Seattle
Growing Up Coastal
I just finished reading this great book of short stories about growing up on the coast by Clay Sikes.


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