Happy New Year

It was a cool Saturday morning and I sat alone on the dock at Sapelo Island waiting for my friend Carol. Time seemed to be irrelevant in that moment….a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of shopping and holiday preparations on the mainland. I began to take notice of the cool breeze and the birds which were sharing this sacred moment with me. They glided through the mist so effortlessly using the wind to lift them into flight. As an eagle soared by, I could hear the sound of its flapping wings.
It caused me to think about how small I am on this vast earth and even smaller in our solar system. Yet not one day goes past where the rhythms of the sun, moon and tide do not effect my life. Natures’ rhythms surround us and subtly fill our minds with peace. If we let it in, we will feel at home in the world.
As you step into a new year, let heaven’s Light shine upon you and brighten the path just before you.

Catherine McCrary


+ The Wolf moon will rise on January 7 at 6:16 pm.
+To celebrate epiphany, many submerge themselves in ice water. If you think like me and do not care to do the full submersion, this is a great time to walk on the beach. In the winter there is usually no one else around and it is very peaceful. You may need to bundle up, but I promise it is worth it!

Sailing aboard the Lynx

Last week I spent an amazing afternoon sailing aboard the Lynx for a birthday celebration. It was a beautiful sail and I enjoyed visiting with old friends and new.
The Tall Ship Lynx hails from the historic Island of Nantucket, Ma; and winters at our port of St Simons Island, November to May.

Catching dinner

My visit on Sapelo Island was delightful. I spent the afternoon catching fish and catching up with my close friend. We were fortunate to bring in enough for dinner.


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