Fishing Charters Moments

Recently I had the pleasure of going out with Captain Mark Noble on an inshore fishing charter. As we walked down the dock and headed out into the Frederica River, I felt the gentle crispness in the Fall air and was thankful for the beautiful day. I was amazed at how Mark knows how to find the fish for I have never had the success that we had that day. I’ve been fishing my whole life, but he definitely taught me how to sharpen my skills.
We baited the hooks with fresh shrimp making sure the shrimp legs were still moving when they got to the water. This way they will swim around in the water and attract fish. I learned it was important to imitate nature as much as possible and just let the shrimp swim along with the flowing tide. If there is an oyster bed or steep mud bank, the fish will often hide out there and ambush the bait as it swims by. Every so often, I yanked back the rod to “pop the cork” which makes a sound that gets the attention of the fish. And this wasn’t just any cork…..Mark actually has a patent on a cork he designed called the “Thunder Chicken” and it really does the job. Once I had the fish in the boat, I removed the hook with pliers – Mark uses his fingers, but I didn’t want to mess up my nails!
We kept a few red fish and spotted trout as well as released a number of fish. I also caught a bonnet head shark and I enjoyed the fight he put up as I reeled him in before we released him. When we returned to the dock, Mark filleted the fish for us and that night I cooked up one of the best meals I’ve ever made: Red fish piccata.
I will definitely go fishing with Mark again, and I highly recommend making memories of your own with him. Just another great reason to love where you live!

Catherine McCrary

Indian Summer
+ “Indian Summer,” or more timely called “St. Martin’s Summer” or “Second Summer,” is the period between November 11 and November 20 when we tend to experience weather with clear sky’s, sunny but with hazy days and cool nights.
+ The full Beaver moon will rise on November 27 at 5:32 pm .
Fishing Charters
This is the time of year that the animals are moving. All birds and fish get more active and feed heavily for possible migration. Tarpon will school up and travel safely south in numbers. Baitfish will move south with cooler temperatures. Most pelagic gamefish travel with them.
It is a great time to charter a fishing trip. Call St. Simons Fishing Center at 912-638-7673 and book a trip with Captain Mark Noble.
Great Blue Heron
Although they can be found throughout North America, these stately and poised creatures are common in the Golden Isles year round and can be seen cruising the coastline and wading in shallow waters. Much of their time is spent patiently looking for food in quiet still areas. When they see a fish they focus on it and spear it with their sharp bill.
Blue herons symbolize solitude, independence, honor, and virtuousness. Many believe that they are the universe’s messengers and a way angels can send us support and wisdom.


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