Celebrating Earth Day with a Connection to Mountain Gorillas and Nature’s Magic

In the world of real estate, transactions often unfold with a focus on properties and deals. However, sometimes unexpected connections emerge that remind us of the bond we share with nature and each other. Recently, while closing a deal, I discovered a shared passion for mountain gorillas with my seller. It instantly transported me back to age 20, when I went on a life-changing journey to visit these gentile giants in the Virunga Mountains of Congo. In the heart of the rugged mountains, after hours of trekking, a young male silverback gorilla approached and sat beside me. With gentle curiosity, he reached out, his touch conveying a silent understanding that transcended language. This peaceful encounter left a mark on my soul.

Earth Day is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all life forms on our planet. While mountain gorillas live thousands of miles away, their existence resonates with resilience, adaptability, and the importance of conservation efforts.

Here at home in the Golden Isles, spring arrives with nature’s magic. As water temperatures rise, our waters fill with small migratory baitfish moving northward up the coast, followed closely by an array of predator species. Brown pelicans are the nature lovers visual clue to this and can be seen gracefully diving for their dinner below the waters surface. It’s a season of transition and abundance. So whether in the remote jungles of Africa or the coastal havens of the Golden Isles, let’s celebrate the threads of our existence that are intricately woven into the tapestry of life here on Earth.

Catherine McCrary

+ Watch the Full Pink Moon rise at 8:57 pm on April 24. This months’ moon derives its name from the vibrant blooms that typically adorn the landscape during this time of year. As the moon rises, casting its gentle light upon the blossoms, it’s a reminder of the harmonious dance between nature’s cycles and the celestial rhythms that shape our world.
+ Earth Day is April 22.
In the coastal waters of Georgia, the sight of white pelicans is a treat. Unlike their brown pelican counterparts, which are often seen diving headfirst into the water to catch fish, white pelicans have a unique foraging strategy. These elegant birds work together in groups, using their large wingspans to corral fish towards the surface. Once their prey is concentrated, they dip their bills into the water to scoop up their catch. It’s a mesmerizing display of cooperation and precision, highlighting the diverse foraging techniques that thrive in the rich ecosystems of coastal Georgia.
The live oak trees with their sprawling branches adorned with new growth leaves is always a favorite of mine. As temperatures turn warmer, the vibrant green hue of the fresh foliage casts a mesmerizing glow against the sky. These resilient trees, with their twisting limbs and enduring presence, embody the timeless beauty of the coastal landscape, offering shade and sanctuary to all who wander beneath their boughs.


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